Jetpack Compose Starter Kit: Contacts

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A beautifully designed, fully functional contacts app built with Jetpack Compose.


Jetpack Compose is Google's new UI framework for building modern Android apps. Given that the framework is fairly new there are not that many resources currently online. At the same time interacting with contacts on Android is not straightforward at all. As a result this Starter Kit was born.

The Starter Kit is great for those who:

👩‍🏫 who want to see how a professionally made Android app is structured.
🧱 need a ready made app to repurpose it to their own needs (contacts, social network, CRM and others).
🚀 need ready made Jetpack Composables as building blocks to their own projects.
🔐 enjoy a simple contacts app for day to day use. The app does not require Internet access and sends no private data to any server.

What is included

💠 You will get the source code of a fully functioning contacts app that you can use anyway you like.
💠 The project includes a README file with how to build the project and create release builds.
💠 30 days of support for any bugs you might face from the moment you purchase the Kit.
💠 Free future updates.

I will notify you whenever a new version is available via e-mail.

About the source code (the technical bits)

🔶 100% written in Kotlin
🔶 UI fully written in Jetpack Compose
🔶 Uses the latest Jetpack libraries such as Hilt, Navigation, ViewModel.
🔶 The code has no license. Feel free to do whatever you want with it.

Contact app feature list

🔹 Contact List
🔹 Permission handling
🔹 Contact Details
🔹 Search
🔹 Group list
🔹 Group details
🔹 Tablet UI
🔹 Contact Details deeplinks
🔹 Dark Mode

📈 Doubling the price on every 10th sale

Because of the amount of content and value you are getting from this Starter Kit, I will be doubling the price of the product on every 10th sale. The price starts low so that more people can get the chance to access it. The price will grow as follows:

0-10 sales for $9.99
11-20 sales for $19.98
21-30 sales for $39.96
31-40 sales for $79.96
41-50 sales for $159.92
51-60 sales for $319.84
61-70 sales for $639.68
71-80 sales for $1279.36
81-90 sales for $2558.72
90 and above for $5117.44

🥶 Price freeze during Pre-sale

The pre-sale is over with 17 pre-sales. Incredibly thankful of your support 🙏

The Starter Kit will be officially released on February 1st. Until then, the cost will be $9.99 for anyone.


What people are saying

"I've been perusing the sources of this. It's a great example of modern Android development that leverages the best of Jetpack libraries." - Mark Alison

Bug support

I am happy to have a look at any bug or issue you might have with the source code. Reply to the download email within 30 days with your bug report. If it is a visual issue, I would appreciate a video or screenshot.

Refund policy

If you're not 100% satisfied with the purchase, or it's not what you were expecting, just reply to the download email within 30 days, and you'll get a full refund. No questions asked.

This product is not currently for sale.
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Jetpack Compose Starter Kit: Contacts

2 ratings